Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paris is Always a Good Idea


- Audrey Hepburn (happy birthday today) said, "Paris is always a good idea."

- For the day I was there, it was, but Naninne, Belgium? She stole my heart.

- How do I manage to move to Naninne?

- I've been traveling Europe and selling my house. At once.

- Life is chaotic. And wonderful.

- Making lists is the only way I can cope.

- Oh my god, then there was Bruges. I loved Bruges.

- Paris was just like in the movies, but being there was duller and it does smell like a toilet.

- The appraiser comes this week.

- I have to pack a house and transfer schools and doctors and everything…paperwork sucks.

- I've haven't felt this amount of possibility spread before me in years. A feast.  Moveable, even.

- I dream every night of painting large canvases of nude women.

- I dream of living in Nannine.

- I'll post in depth when I can. The photos I have to share!

- I am missing my house already; the baby rabbit living in my day lilies, the hummingbirds.

- We begin anew in Atlanta in a few weeks.

- I had sworn I would never return home.

- Never say never.

- Set aside your worn out fears.

- Go!