Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer in Progress

Where has the summer gone? It's gone into my watercolor journals, afternoon thunderstorms, visiting family and friends, hummingbird watching, photo shoots, and tons of drooly baby kisses.

I'm excited to share my husband's website,  dylanstruysphoto. He's been extra busy this summer on photo shoots. I have so much fun assisting him. Although, I tend to start snapping my own shots, of pretty little blog things, like lanterns and cups of coffee, so I do more running to catch up with him and the model than actual assisting, really. Holding the giant diffuser is the best part; it makes me feel like a kid with a kite. Congrats, Dylan, your portfolio is fantastic!

We definitely need a studio room in our next house. Having to clean up our art supplies and camera equipment after each use is a drag. No wonder my kids don't want to clean up their rooms; it isn't a mess, it's creativity in progress! I'll try to remember that the next time I step on a lego.

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