Thursday, March 14, 2013


Look, blooms! How very exciting! Spring never fails to surprise me. Of all the seasons, she is the stealthiest. As soon as my eyes have adjusted to the dark of winter, spring sneaks in, layering the landscape in thin veils of light and faint washes of green. One day, I will wake up and wonder who stole into our neighbor's yard and planted blooming tulips. Imagine if your boring lawn was vandalized with flowers. How delightful.

Spring moves quietly, gracefully, joyfully. She is like the allegro of a symphony or the embrace from a long lost friend; a gentle reminder of the abundance to come. Mid March is time to prepare for the coming seasons. Plants can be voluptuous or slender, healing or poisonous, bold or reserved, whatever they turn out to be, I love them all. Plants are undeniably sexy. They are the Latin soul of my Scandinavian aesthetics. I desire to be surrounded by green riots of growth. Frankly, I don't care if these plants produce anything or not. The vegetables or flowers aren't the end goal this year. Giving an avocado pit or a sprouted potato a second chance compels me. What better way to honor the dormant potential in myself than to take what I have mistaken for ugly or useless and nurture it back into something beautiful?  This spring is about the reclamation of wonder. 

And radishes. I have a sudden taste for radishes.

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