Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Possibilities of Washi

I was advised, in a round about way, to not automatically expect a person with clearly set and identifiable traits to act as expected within the boundaries of those traits. In other words, my expectation would affect the possibility this person would act in a different manner all together. Reminds me of a middle school science lesson, when science was wondrous and magical, relatively speaking.

During my morning yoga practice I meditated on all of the times I've been with a friend, loved one, or enemy, and disrespected their potential by not giving them the chance to be themselves rather than the version of themselves I've interpreted. I can see how I've failed to listen to their thoughts, cutting them off when I think the next thing they say will be that thing that annoys me so about them. Or I've patronized, not taking time to acknowledge how they've grown.  I wonder where all of those interactions could have gone, had I not turned from them so quickly to avoid a conflict that may have been destined to be a beautiful moment. Is there a place lost possibilities go? A distant shore pebbled with skipped kindnesses and drowned intentions, perhaps.

Afterwards, I sipped coffee and browsed Pinterest, completing the trifecta of favorite morning rituals. I am currently fascinated by washi tape. Washi tape is practical masking tape made impossibly cute, as all things Japanese tend to be. The crafty uses for washi tape are so abundant, I could never decide which is the cutest or most practical. Like tattoos, there are so many amazing designs, I will never get one, simply because I couldn't choose which design to commit to. I saw an invitation decorated with washi. I was lost in imagining a dinner party by washi invite; glorious food, friends' smiling faces and tinkling laughter, the flowing wine. I felt a warm happiness wash through me for a party that hadn't happened at all. Maybe, if the possible uses of brightly printed masking tape can make me feel so good inside, letting go of my expectations of people, might accomplish the same feeling doubled; for them and me.

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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