Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fox Socks

When my brother returned from Europe, he came bearing gifts. He has a rare and precious talent for gift giving; he picks out of the ether the exact thing you would have procured for yourself had you been there. In my case, a skein of sock yarn and a beautiful white stone from the cliffs of Etretat. Two of my favorite things; wool and cliffs overlooking the sea. These socks are a global affair. A man from America travels abroad, wanders into a shop in Holland, and picks out German wool made from Italian sheep. You all know by now I am addicted to knitting socks. I find it amusingly ironic he would buy my drug of choice (sock wool) in Amsterdam.

They also remind me of the colors of a fox. Fox is my middle name for those of you who didn't know. So here I am, Heather Fox, in fox colored socks. They are finished, super comfy, and my new favorite pair. Thank you, dear Michael, I love them and you!

Details on ravelry.


Mom said...

That's one beautiful Fox in Socks! Michael you did so well!

Michael said...

Thank you. I am happy you are enjoying them. I love you too.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love the colorway of that yarn! Good husband! I'm not sure it would ever occur to the Man to bring me yarn, but he would happily bring me beautiful rocks.


Gumbo Lily said...

Lovely socks. What a good brother you have that he should bring you gifts. Your post makes me think of a Dr. Seuss rhyme...."Heather Fox in Fox Sox."


Anonymous said...

I remember being in that store like it was yesterday!! Michael did good.


the Lady said...