Monday, June 14, 2010

Southern Gothic

There are sounds that move me. Instantly put me in a calm place, an open place; a place that is home. The laughter of my children, the sound of a loved one's voice, the deafening rumble and ear splitting wail of the dozens of trains moving through my town each day, to name a few. On occasion I have the good fortune of being right at the tracks as they pass and let me say that each and every time that has happened, the engineers always wave. That makes me believe in people. They fly by at forty miles per hour, sometimes more, through hundreds of the small rural towns like mine and with one gesture, one taken for granted gesture, they say, "Hey! I see you there! And just in case I don't see you next time, fare thee well." We should all be so aware of the world around us, no matter how small or how vast. We are all connected.

Photo Grunt featured another of my photos! Thank you yet again! I have posted a new album on Picasa, a Sunday Stroll through my town. Yesterday was Tennessee Williams hot; 95 degrees and as humid as a wet blanket, but there was relief to be found in the cool green waters of the creek, the dense shady woods, and the inviting front porches. Ah, yes, and the breeze from the passing trains.


Tasha said...

Oh, this is so calming and lovely. Would I be able to buy a print from you? Or, if you send me the file, I could then make the print.

Heather said...


Thank you! I do sell prints. Email me at and we can discuss the details.


Laura said...

Love it! I, too, enjoy waving to the trains and only a few days ago, took the Bean down to the falls. She waded in with some trepidation, but soon "found her feet" and was chasing minnows, walking through the tall grass and skipping rocks with her Daddy. We live in a special place!

the Lady said...

Awesome canoe pic.