Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Median to Deep Thoughts

There exists in each of us a capacity, a cistern deep and dormant, where the excesses are stored. The droplets of doubt, the rivers of resistance, the floods of unspoken truths, ebb and flow in silent tides here. This is the place we go only when we have to; when we search for an answer no other can give even if they are why we ask. The answers are there within us, we all know this, but the questions are what interest me now.

Why is it I prefer black and white photos yet rarely create them myself? Why is it the color turquoise makes me sad and joyful simultaneously? Why do I dream so vividly I wake up and can't go back to sleep for hours? Why do the strawberries in the stores look like they've been mugged and left for dead this season? Why am I surprised each May by the inane amount of special activities to celebrate the end of the school year? And, most importantly, why can't I find a sundress that doesn't make me look like I cut three holes in an old pillow case and called it a day?

While I ponder these deep thoughts, why don't you go check on what the uber-cute Jenny has made for her spring/summer Wikstenmade line. More power to the female indie designers (and she knits, too!).

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jane said...

Beautiful words and the perfect picture, as ever. I know what you mean about the dreams that wake you up. I hate them - but I don't think I'd want it to stop. I look out of my window and marvel at the fact that there are people walking down the street as if my dreams and thoughts had never happened at all.

Turquoise is pretty but, I think, probably the shallowest colour.

The Wikstenmade stuff is wonderful; I love it.