Friday, April 23, 2010

One More Time... With Intention

Knitting. I haven't been knitting. The tea leaves cardigan sat untouched in a grey lump for three weeks. Two days ago I couldn't handle the pathetic look of it and tucked the whole, needles and all, into my closet for fall. Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see. While in the closet I checked out my sock yarn. OK, there are a few of you that need to sit down before you read the next line...go ahead, I'll wait.


I only have three hanks of sock yarn. Three. Black, orange, and auburn. I know! Unbelievable, right? It is disconcerting not to be drowning in sock yarn. My hands are shaky. I need to replenish my stash. I've started a new pair and was thinking while casting on about the number of stitches it takes to complete my socks. My estimate, based on the stitches per inch, per row, and inches total to knit brings the count to around 30,000. Each of those thirty thousand stitches will be knit with intention... a woolly zen path if you will. What do I intend? Clarity, Calm, and Confidence.


What's your current favorite sock yarn?


Sara said...

I wish I could say I had a fave sock yarn. I don't think I've used enough different kinds to have a preference.

Jessi said...

I love your duck pictures!
My current and forever favorite sock yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. It's so soft, springy and beautiful.

the Lady said...

Well baby, ask and ye shall receive. I sent a little something your way the day before this post. It's going slow boat, but it should get there.

My favorite sock yarn to knit with is Shibui sock. Good price, great colors, wears well. Bouncy. Sproingy. Love it. You can knit it at 8 sts to the inch for people not hard on their socks, 10 to the inch for (men) people hard on their socks.
I love Koigu too, but it's like dessert *should* be - an indulgence. F-ing expensive for a pair of socks. And I love self-striping - I get the best kicks out of Lovesticks ( - I get mine mostly through people's destashes on Rav. I like Jitterbug for the colors, but I don't think it wears terribly well. It's ok for light use though, and it's super-fun to knit. I also like the Noro silk garden sock for fun and colors and striping purposes, but one has got to be patient with inconsistent width changes and a kinky singles. But it's fun.