Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Spring has arrived and we are soaking up the sun while we can before April brings rain and the threat of tornadic weather. I really despise the word tornadic. I doubt it is even a real word. A weatherman in St. Louis used to say it and things like, "good times". I am convinced he never wore pants behind the anchor desk.

Anyway, this girl, my hot weather baby, my golden-tressed princess, she is my sunshine. I remember my OB looking at her and shaking his head while commenting his wife would spend everything to have hair this color. I wonder if it will stay this color as she grows up. I wonder many things about my children's future selves. Will they be happy? I hope so. There are so many variables, ten thousand things that have to go right in a person's life to outweigh the ten thousand that weren't quite right. My wish is I am able to be a part of many of those joys and to be a comfort through many of those sorrows.

Note to my future self: Remember these days? These were the days you realized your heart had more rooms in it than you ever imagined. Promise me they are still occupied and the doors have never been locked. Tell me about your ten thousand joys.

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Emily said...

I wonder things too. Right now I am wondering if she becomes a zookeeper, will she let me come and play with the animals? Or is it not cool to bring your Mom to work?