Saturday, March 6, 2010

Holy Selbuvotter!

I have a guilty pleasure. Runway fashion. Ever since I was in middle school and flipped through my first Elle, which then was chock full of glamazon supermodels with neon eye shadow and fierce attitudes, I've kept a (secret) eye on what the designers send down the runway each season. Now, I can hear Nicole laughing at me as I type this; she refers to my sense of style as my 'uniform' because when I fall in love with a garment or look, I wear it until it falls apart. Security clothes, I guess.

So, despite my personal failure to be currently trendy, I do appreciate the outrageous art/fashion the seasons bring. Imagine my delight when I saw what Dolce & Gabbana have up their (knitted) sleeves for Winter 2011... selbu galore, sheer fabric with traditional Nordic prints, and (gasp!) my uber-crush, Travis. He had me at hello with this Chanel commercial last year (my god, those lips...). My husband just cringed, I can sense it.

I want to knit the cowl he's wearing and possibly the red dress too, but first, I should finish the three projects I've got on the needles.

What's your secret indulgence?

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Every year I get the September Vogue. I love it. It is the biggest box of candy in the world.