Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love! Hate!

'Frida' torquoise necklace & 'Fiesta' earrings
from = true love

Ok, I'm not sure if I found this group through Eireann or not, but check the collection of amazing photographs at The Archival Moon and Waiting flickr group. Absolutely haunting and lovely and ugly and horrifying and simply beautiful. Which reminds me of another thing Eireann has posted lately: Derrida. Oh my love/hate relationship with Derrida! I know, I know. Another French philosophe, really, Heather? Ah oui. Here we go...

Derrida makes no damn sense. I mean this when I say, none, no sense at all. I hate him. Unless, I stay away from his obscure theories (deconstruction- really, only nihilistic teenagers get this, right?) and instead read his ideas on, well, everything else, then I love him again. Among the great philosophers, he even tops Nietzsche on my 'boys I should know better than to love' list. I just can't help myself when I read things like this:

"But precisely, when my gaze meets yours, I see both your gaze and your eyes, love in fascination--and your eyes are not only seeing but also visible. And since they are precisely visible (things or objects in the world), I could precisely touch them, with my finger, lips, or even eyes, lashes and lids, by approaching you-if I dared come near to you in this way, if I one day dared." On Touching

I know, right? There is no way I can pretend not to understand this sentiment. Who hasn't felt that way before: the intensity, the burning, the absolute compulsion to reach out and touch the one who has no idea the power they have over you. I began this month by writing about the many forms of love and how each offers us a new point of view and should be respected. So, Jaques, I love you and I hate you and I wouldn't have it any other way, ma petite chou.

As a random but oddly fitting aside, because I am listening to my ipod as I type this, the sound of the pick on the strings in this song tickles the back of my neck. Don't you love that shivery feeling?

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Who knew J.D. had something beautiful to say?

I would like to see the list of your boys you know better than to love. I bet it's a good one.