Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mixed Greens

Pattern: my basic sock formula
Yarn: Pigeonroof Studios
Needles: US #2 DPN

These were born from this, which was born from the Lady Knits shipping the tangled mess to me in exasperation. A year has passed since I untangled the skein and so many things are different in each of our lives, except the fact that absolutely nothing beats wearing hand knit socks on a chilly tile floor. The colorway is a mix of greens with teal and gold bits, like salad. These make me happy. Very happy.

Want to know what doesn't make me happy? The epic fail I am experiencing with Ysolda's Tiny Shoe pattern. Seriously, I have knit sweaters, socks, lace, etc. etc. but these $#&*@! three inch booties are going to be the death of all of my hard earned knitterly zen. I have no idea why this seemingly simple pattern is not intuitive for me. I've tried following the directions to the letter and I can't figure out the whole weird number of stitches on which needle thing. Which does she consider needle 1? Maybe I am trying to make it too simple, like a sock, where the division of stitches is even or close enough and you have a clear heel and sides. Not here. Not for me. I'll try again later, but I fear the frustration will get the best of me. Maybe I'll just knit them like I think they should be knit and see what happens. If I do not succeed this will be known as the Epic Bootie Fail of 2010. Quelle horreur!


magnusmog said...

Beautiful big socks - don't let the little booties finish you off :)

a friend to knit with said...

lovin your socks... and the pic.

oh! best of luck on those booties... :)

the Lady said...

Those are so beautiful!
And I'm glad you had your epic win with the baby booties. I know how that feels - something should be so simple, and it's not... till you conquer it! Or achieve equanimity.
I heart both socks and booties. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy that damned yarn! ;-)

Emily said...

I love the grown up socks! And I offer my deep sympathies about the tiny ones - why is it always the little projects that aren't supposed to take long that make you want to tear out your hair?