Thursday, October 8, 2009

Awesome x Three

Kate Perry, Marketing Assistant for Knit Picks, has featured two of my knit projects using City Tweed in her blog post here. Thanks Kate! All of the projects she features can be found on Ravelry by clicking on the photostream. It gives me a warm feeling to be included with so many talented knitters.

The second bit of awesome I'm soaking up this week is an album by The Avett Brothers. I especially love the song Head Full of Doubt/ Road Full of Promise. I wish I had written it. Let's pretend it was written for me, ok?

Last bit of awesome is this exchange between my 4 year old and I while waiting at the bus stop yesterday:

him: "What's that smell?"

me: "I don't know. It is unusual. What do you think it smells like?"

him: "Like tea... and teenagers."

Poetic in a delightfully charming and odd way, don't you think?


Jami said...

Hey! The Avett Brothers are one of my favorites! I have several of their older albums and have the new one on my list to buy. Love 'Brooklyn, Take Me In!' Old Crow Medicine Show might interest you as well; 'Wagon Wheel' is a favorite there. Or, a band I have followed since inception out of Athens, Packway Handle Band. 'Earl the Duck' is amazing. Great story about ducks, their names and sex changes. : )

I would love if y'all could come visit me in Martinez. That's where I will be living actually!

Kathy said...

I miss the smell of teenagers! My YOUNG ADULTS as I preferred to call them, had great friends. Now they are all movin on and those fun and fascinating days are gone. I enjoyed the teen years as much or more as the toddler years! Look forward to it all!

Mom said...

Congratulations on your projects being featured in Kate's Knit Picks blog! You're a star, at least in my book! And how precious is that comment by our little man! I don't even know what to say.

the Lady said...

Still the cutest little hedgie ever. I enjoyed your last post too.

amandajean said...

congrats to all the awesomeness. i just love that hedgie. so sweet.