Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When Life Gives You a Wedgie, Make a Hedgie!

To alleviate the pain of the worst haircut of my life, other than the "Dorothy Hamill" my mom subjected me to at the tender age of five (sorry, Mom, it still stings), I am focusing on this little fellow. He makes me smile every time I enter the room. After I trimmed up the uneven ends and borrowed my daughter's barrettes, the haircut isn't so bad; it just isn't at all what I asked for. Too add insult to injury, my husband came home from work and after a prolonged silence declared "wow, it makes you look approachable." I chose to ignore that.

For anyone who has suffered an unfortunate shock at the hand of another, this pattern is for you. Bad feelings instantly vanish on sight of these wee hedgies, who are the epitome of approachable.
Pattern: Little Oddment Hedgehog by Little Cotton Rabbits
Needles: US # 2 and 4 dpn's
Yarn: oddments of Knitpicks Bare DK and City Tweed in Tahitian pearl and Merino Style in black
I can kitchener stitch with my eyes closed, but mattress stitch alludes me so I knit this up in the round. I began at the end of the pattern (the nose) and followed the directions backwards, increasing where decreases were originally written. Before I kitchenered the last 14 stitches at the rump, I stuffed him full of cotton balls. The body yarn was not thicker than the face so I knit in garter rather than stockinette to give him a textured look. I can see many more of these in my future, maybe an entire array. By the time I'm done knitting a whole herd, my hair should have grown out a bit. Ah, the promise the future holds.


Sara said...

awww! He's cute!

Trisha said...

Adorable! Sorry about your hair cut. A bad haircut can be devastating. I hope it grows out quickly!

Heather said...

Wow. Approachable. It will SO GROW FAST!!!And that hedgehog, my dear, is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bad cut. We've all had a few of those I think. I still remember my bob turned afro in the 7th grade. I wish I had a Hedgie then to brighten my day. :)

Mom said...

Mr. Hedgie is SO cute. Have we given him a name yet? As for your Hamil haircut when you were 5...it can't hold a candle to the perm my Mom (your Grandmother) made me get when I was a fragile, shy teen in the 8th grade, just prior to entering high school. I cringe to think about it. What our mother's do to us!

the Lady said...

Oh, that sucks about your hair. And of course, now I want to see it. How funny, I just saw that pattern last night! Yours is adorable.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I guess we couldn't convince you to post a picture of your hair, could we? I'd like to see what approachable hair looks like.

The hedgie is adorable. Make an army. You'll rule the world.


Emily said...

I am in love with that pattern! He is just the cutest thing.

I am also so sorry about your hair. I've been there and my heart goes out to you. You should knit a few more hedgehogs to dull the pain. And then take pictures of them all around town. So that I can be jealous of the cutie pie knitting.

magnusmog said...

I love their solemn faces:)

amandajean said...

i LOVE him!!!