Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Opus Spicatum

I love to study brick and stonework. Masons combine strength, engineering, and art to create practical structures from an unforgiving medium. Some very clever masons will throw in an odd pattern on an otherwise plain wall or path. One of my favorites is herringbone. Opus Spicatum is Latin for spiked work; the technique is usually an accent since it is, structurally speaking, weak. Aesthetically speaking, for me, herringbone is especially captivating in mossy walkways leading to secret gardens, smartly cut wool suits, and knit hats.
Pattern: Opus Spicatum by Kate Gagnon (she who can design no wrong)
Needles: US #4 and 6 circular
Yarn: KnitPicks City Tweed alpaca (oh, the tweedy softness!)
Knit to pattern. For photo, hat is stretched on a plate, and wears more like a beanie rather than a beret.


Mom said...

Too cute!!! I love the colors and pattern and wouldn't a path like that be great in our backyard leading to the hydrangea garden!

Trisha said...

Very pretty! I love tweed yarns. They add so much interests to a knitted piece.

Heather said...

Gorgeous. LOVE the pattern.

Christie said...

Love it!

Mom said...

Hey, your sunflower bloomed. It's a beauty!