Friday, March 20, 2009

What Did You Call Me?

Today is the Vernal Equinox, which means for those of you standing on the North Pole right now, you will be enjoying 6 months of uninterrupted daylight. If you are standing on the South Pole, you are stocking up on flashlight batteries for the 6 months of coming darkness. If you are standing in my house, you are reaching for allergy medicine.

The word vernal means characteristic of spring or youth. It doesn't sound like that is what it means does it? If you greet an acquaintance with a chipper, " Stella you look absolutely vernal today", she would undoubtedly blink a few times and make polite excuses to be as far from you as possible. Vernal can be relegated to the list of words used by erudite and perpetually misunderstood people. Also on this list: phalanx, quotidian, and corporate ethics.

This spring, my daily wish list will include sunlight, evening strolls, laughter, and beauty. What is on your seasonal wish list?


Kathy said...

Muddy muddy paws
lace knitting

Anonymous said...

Fresh air

Emily said...

Dirt magically filling the rest of the raised bed without any effort on my part. Does that count?

teabird said...

baseball (Yankees, it goes without saying, especially if someone sews A-Rod's mouth shut)

the first violets in the new spring lawn

baby bunnies, like little fists with ears


magnusmog said...

Cheese on Toast
Finished knitting

the Lady said...

Sunlight later than 5 pm
Lounging outside in the nighttime
Fabulous fruits and veggies
Jasmine scented night air
Sun Sun Sun

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Trying to be happier:)