Monday, March 9, 2009

Scattered at Random

I have a family that laughs more than argues, willingly spends hours in museums and actually complains there weren't enough plaques of info, will take down anyone that messes with you even when you ignorantly picked the fight in the first place, knows every embarrassing thing you've ever done but doesn't hold any of it against you, and can quote every line of at least 3 movies in tandem from memory.

Not to say everything is peace and light, there is a well of sarcasm so deep at times the only defense is to make fun of yourself first before they do. In this spirit, there are about 4 incomplete sentences I can utter that send my brother Michael and I into fits of laughter at my own expense. It is an easy price to pay to be able to utter a dozen more half sentences that also make us laugh at our own inside jokes. The title to this post is one of those. For anyone at least 30 years old you may remember Northern Exposure; this is one of Ed's lines. Classic. Just like my bro who turns 30 today. Happy Birthday! These socks are for you. I'll bring them to town later, but not in my bag ( har har har).

In the spirit of gifts and random things scattered thusly, I have a winner for the journal. First, let me say thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. I also appreciate the shop love! I have taken all the suggestions into consideration and agree that one of the most important features is for the pages to open flat. I am afraid this particular attempt doesn't live up to that. Despite my best efforts, even though I followed the tutorial to a T, the pages don't want to give completely. I am afraid the owner of this journal will find after a few good cracks, all that will be left is a nice photo and a pile of scrap paper on the floor. I am looking into having them professionally bound. I know this takes away from part of the hand made aspect, but honestly, I am not a book binder nor do I need to add another hobby to my ever growing list. I would like to assemble the photo and papers but have someone else bind them so they are quality journals.

So now that I said the thing will fall apart you are probably thinking 'please don't let me win this thing'. Too bad, I said I was giving it away and I stick to my word. According to the Random Number Generator, the lucky (?) winner is Jami. Congratulations!
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teabird said...

I love the colours of the sock - I bet they look great with jeans!

Mom said...

Happy birthday to my baby boy! The socks are as beautiful as he is!

Michael said...

Thank you very much, Heather. The socks really look great despite what Mom says. Can't wait to see you.

No1Alicat said...

Funnily enough, just this past weekend Whip Up Net featured a tutorial on how to bind a journal so that it lies flat. It can be found here
Not sure if that's of any use?

Kathy said...

Oh Lucky lucky Jame. Im so jealous!
Famiies are inside jokes, dontcha know!

Giulia Mauri said...

Gorgeous socks!
I love the combination of blue wool that you used.
When I was little I had a jumper of the same color!

PS: I love your blog! Shall be back often to see more of your pictures :)

Anonymous said...

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