Monday, March 30, 2009

Project Spectrum 2009

Project Spectrum 2009 focuses on the elements and colors associated with the four Cardinal directions (N,S,E,W). I am a bit slow to start this year, but have found plenty of inspiration from my walks and knitting that coincide with the March/April category: North {green, stones/gems/rocks, winter, earth}. There are some beautiful stones and rocks covered in moss and surrounded by green spring weeds in my neighborhood. My daughter calls the broken rock basin a unicorn trough.

I am stuck here on this sentence. For two days I've been trying to write my thoughts on caring for the planet. For two days I've been typing and deleting. The problem isn't a lack of information, it is my inability to discuss the importance of doing your part for the environment without becoming angry and even resorting to name-calling certain groups of people who just don't seem to get it. I can feel my ire rising even now. My passion for this earth and all of her wonders cannot be considered mild, diplomatic, or even fair. My opinions in this case are not only resolute, they bite with dripping fangs.

The stones, the moss, the gurgling rain glutted stream, even the annoying barrage of gnats, brings me peace, stills me from the center, so the ripples of worry grow farther apart until they cease. This is my church. I hear a voice in the wind, feel a hand resting on my shoulder in a ray of sunlight, and see my connection to the universe mapped in the striations of rock. This earth is my home and I will defend and respect her to the end. Please join me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For Rent

I took a walk through town and counted the for rent signs. This little building is my favorite. Shabby and simple, those large front windows watching out for the one who stops and stares a few minutes longer than the rest. The little building will put on it's best expression, standing taller, catching the sunlight on its tin roof. The person will not quite know why they like this small rough place but will not be able to forget it. They will spend the day running errands and chopping vegetables picturing red geraniums blooming in the drooping window boxes. They will hear the door creak open to the warm sound of a visitor's hello and the rhythmic tapping of a dog's nails on the worn wooden plank floors because this is the kind of building that likes dogs and visitors. On the rainy days, when the cars blur past and the trains move quietly on the rails, this little building will throw its door and windows open, spreading itself out like a cat sleeping on its back lulled by the tin roof symphony. The person and the building will be perfect for each other. The for rent sign will be locked in a drawer that never need be opened again.

I took a series of photos around town the day I snapped this one. I am working on adding them to the shop soon. I want to say thanks to the couple that parked right in front of this little building just as I was taking its picture from the opposite curb despite the 15 empty spaces on that side of the street. I really liked your car, just not in my shot, but it was comfortable when I had to sit on the hood to get this picture.

I have entered a couple of my photos in the category competitions for JPG Magazine. The other photography is amazing, so many talented people submit. I have been warmly welcomed and hope to learn more from the artists there. If you would like to check out the site and vote for my photos, go here and here. Thanks!

Friday, March 20, 2009

What Did You Call Me?

Today is the Vernal Equinox, which means for those of you standing on the North Pole right now, you will be enjoying 6 months of uninterrupted daylight. If you are standing on the South Pole, you are stocking up on flashlight batteries for the 6 months of coming darkness. If you are standing in my house, you are reaching for allergy medicine.

The word vernal means characteristic of spring or youth. It doesn't sound like that is what it means does it? If you greet an acquaintance with a chipper, " Stella you look absolutely vernal today", she would undoubtedly blink a few times and make polite excuses to be as far from you as possible. Vernal can be relegated to the list of words used by erudite and perpetually misunderstood people. Also on this list: phalanx, quotidian, and corporate ethics.

This spring, my daily wish list will include sunlight, evening strolls, laughter, and beauty. What is on your seasonal wish list?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Un-Birthday Cowl

What What? Two finished knits in one week? Why yes, and while the first f.o. was a gift for my brother, this cowl is a big, smooshy, soft as a chick, warm as a piece of pecan pie from The Camellia Grill, bundle of love from me to me. Knit yourself one today and your woeful anxieties over grocery prices and corrupt CEO's will melt away as fast as the ice cream on top of a piece of pecan pie from The Camellia Grill. Can you tell I'm hungry and missing New Orleans? Road trip, anyone?
Pattern: Birthday Cowl by Nova Seals
Needles: US #8 circs
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in 'polar ice' (delicious.really.)
Details on Ravelry under pneuma
yes, I made a pin from a bottle cap

Monday, March 9, 2009

Scattered at Random

I have a family that laughs more than argues, willingly spends hours in museums and actually complains there weren't enough plaques of info, will take down anyone that messes with you even when you ignorantly picked the fight in the first place, knows every embarrassing thing you've ever done but doesn't hold any of it against you, and can quote every line of at least 3 movies in tandem from memory.

Not to say everything is peace and light, there is a well of sarcasm so deep at times the only defense is to make fun of yourself first before they do. In this spirit, there are about 4 incomplete sentences I can utter that send my brother Michael and I into fits of laughter at my own expense. It is an easy price to pay to be able to utter a dozen more half sentences that also make us laugh at our own inside jokes. The title to this post is one of those. For anyone at least 30 years old you may remember Northern Exposure; this is one of Ed's lines. Classic. Just like my bro who turns 30 today. Happy Birthday! These socks are for you. I'll bring them to town later, but not in my bag ( har har har).

In the spirit of gifts and random things scattered thusly, I have a winner for the journal. First, let me say thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. I also appreciate the shop love! I have taken all the suggestions into consideration and agree that one of the most important features is for the pages to open flat. I am afraid this particular attempt doesn't live up to that. Despite my best efforts, even though I followed the tutorial to a T, the pages don't want to give completely. I am afraid the owner of this journal will find after a few good cracks, all that will be left is a nice photo and a pile of scrap paper on the floor. I am looking into having them professionally bound. I know this takes away from part of the hand made aspect, but honestly, I am not a book binder nor do I need to add another hobby to my ever growing list. I would like to assemble the photo and papers but have someone else bind them so they are quality journals.

So now that I said the thing will fall apart you are probably thinking 'please don't let me win this thing'. Too bad, I said I was giving it away and I stick to my word. According to the Random Number Generator, the lucky (?) winner is Jami. Congratulations!
details on ravelry

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lights Camera Action!

The shop is up! I am offering 5x7 prints of a selection of my favorite photos. Some have debuted here on the blog and some are sneaky peaks into the quotidian of my life apart from this space. This is so exciting! The listing process is on the slow side so check back often as it will take me a few days to get my initial batches posted. Where are my magic elves? Probably over at the lazy cobbler's hut again.

Local bloggers who follow the site will probably recognize a few landscapes... many more hometown shots to come.

Stop by and peruse the newest incarnation of pneuma and don't forget to leave a comment here by Saturday noon to win the journal.

Next up: A Finished Knit. Shocking, huh?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Give and Take

I've heard March comes in like a lion, but wow, was the weekend as strange for you as it was for me? Rain, tornadoes, then snow. Yes, snow that stuck for more than an hour. Very odd for middle Alabama. So what did I do while hiding from the cold winds? I created of course!
This journal has 50 blank pages for making notes, doodling, or listing all of the reasons you like to make lists. The front cover is a 5x7 matte print of one of my photos backed in the same decorative paper as you see on the spine. The back cover is from recycled paper. I love this journal but I need to road test it's durability. I am busy setting up an etsy shop to sell prints of my photos and if I can perfect these journals to with stand actual use, I will offer a few for sale. Want to help? Leave me a comment by Saturday, March 7th, 12:00 pm CST to win this one. All I ask in return is a bit of constructive criticism. I'll announce the winner on Monday the 9th. Good Luck!