Monday, February 16, 2009


Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. I had a fabulous weekend full of loved ones, cake, presents, and even a few hours completely alone. That's right, all by myself for the first time in almost 6 years. When you are young and people say things like "having children changes everything" or "time goes faster as you age" you think things like 'yeah, whatever' and 'an hour is an hour is an hour'. Then all of that stuff they warned you about, cliche or not, actually happens. Your only recourse is to start slipping those same warnings into random conversations with people even 3 months younger than yourself.

Aging has it's perks. You are more aware of who and what really matters to you. When you are lucky, those people celebrate you like my family and friends did this weekend. Roses, a new orange ipod, yarn money, and a very special package from N01Alicat (rav) in Staffordshire, England were my abundance of happy gifts. Check out the perfect lavender bag knit kit and incredibly cute stacking doll stitch markers she sent. I write ridiculous rambling letters to Ali and she still sends me gifts; a friend indeed. A few of you asked if I made the birthday silhouette in the previous post. Yes I did and let me tell you, if I had any time management skills when it comes to my art, I'd plaster the world with little vignettes. And knit everyone a pair of socks of course.


Sandra said...

It sounds like you had fantastic birthday. Glad to hear it. :) And those stitch markers are too stinking cute!

I recall a while ago you had dedicated a post on how the most important need in your life is silence. I could totally relate to everything you had said back then and even more so now as I find that I find less and less time to be alone with peace and quiet (and I am nowhere close to having children.) Six years is a long time, I hope those few precious hours were spent well. :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Do you ever suspect that they have a much wider selection of good knitting mags in the UK than we do here? I don't know if I'm right about this, but I do wonder.

I'm glad you had a lovely birthday and that you were given some time to yourself. It's nice to have a chance to miss the ones you love. And to think an uninterrupted thought. I've almost forgotten how to have those.


Mom said...

Any time you need some Heather time, just call and I'll be right over. In fact, plan on it each time I visit. You definitely deserve it, and should have it much more often than once in six years!!!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Glad you had a great day, Heather!

amandajean said...

happy belated birthday! i'm glad that you had a good one. i have to agree, aging has it's perks. a few, anyway. :)