Saturday, January 3, 2009

Handmade is Awesome

Here is a selection of handmade gifts I received this year. Sorry for the dark photos, but the weather isn't cooperating. I love the quality, aesthetic, and individual nature of each item. The note cards are on the heaviest, creamiest of papers from Silhouette Blue. The ultra soft printed leather cuff is from HollyHawk. The lovely wooden disc earring and pendant are from Fashion Refined. Lastly, the resin pendant is from Tami Fulford. I cannot recommend these artisans highly enough! Beautiful, affordable, perfect gifts. Thanks, Mom!

Handmade artists need our help. I could go into a rant wrapped in conspiracy theories, but I will simply say this law is a bunch of junk. If this is not modified, not only will independent toy makers be put out of business, but anyone who makes and sells children's clothing and accessories will not be allowed to legally sell their items. Do you like to buy second-hand clothing, items, and toys? Do you donate your hand-me-downs to charities? Well, if passed as is, this legislation will effectively put all that to an end, fill landfills with perfectly reusable items, and render Mattel and Hasbro the only option for buying a child's toy. The point of the bill is to protect us from the lead in toys. We need that, however, European and cottage industry toys have been operating under the strictest standards for safety, while the problem has been from the exact manufacturers who will be protected in this case. "The CPSIA simply forgot to exclude the class of children's goods that have earned and kept the public's trust: Toys, clothes, and accessories made in the US, Canada, and Europe. The result, unless the law is modified, is that handmade children's products will no longer be legal in the US.If this law had been applied to the food industry, every farmers market in the country would be forced to close while Kraft and Dole prospered."

Please, sign this petition to help save the artists, small businesses, hobby shops, charities, thrift stores, and your freedom to choose to buy or donate products as you see fit. I know Bush and Congress are busy and all with bailing out billionaires and packing up files, but it would be nice to think they read more than the first page of every bill that they pass. Maybe we should demand Cliff notes for Congress?


Heather said...

Totally and utterly frightening. Really. I'll be calling my congressional members to be sure. It's hogwash. BTW, loved all your gifts!

danielle said...

Terribly disappointing. It's as if they are out there to be sure that our culture collapses into a tired, disconnected heap. I've signed the petition, and joined the Facebook group to keep up with what happens.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your gifts-- the leather cuff is amazing!

rose_red said...

I just heard about this law recently, and am frankly disgusted at the hidden agenda of a law cloaked in a "help the children" sheepsuit. Our society generates so much waste as it is, and I have no intention of forgoing hand made and used items for cheap crap at a big box store. Oddly enough I had just written a blog post about the beautiful used and handmade items I got for Christmas, and how much I loved them.
Your gifts are lovely, by the way.

Mom said...

You are so welcome my dear. I love buying hand made items for you..and I pray this law is revised. I suppose it would put an end to my children's totes and little girl purses.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to both my senators and my congressman. We can only hope sanity will prevail. Folks, it is easy to send this message to your leaders; take the time to follow the links. It won't take more than 5 minutes.

Sandra said...

it's horrible. just thinking about all the great etsy shops that would have to close is heartbreaking. i love our government so much.