Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa Came by Boat

On Part One of our Christmas Vacation we:
- Splashed in some seriously cold waves
- Knit another pair of Toasty mitts
- Flew kites
- Decorated a gingerbread house
- Watched sunrises/sunsets
- Gathered shells
- Ate 2 pounds of shrimp in one sitting
- Should have bought 2 extra pounds
- Had lunch with wonderful friends
- Played tag in the dense fog
- Watched pelicans fly by our 15th floor balcony
- Opened presents from Santa
- Spent time with our loving In-Laws
- Wrote letters to far away friends
- Wished you were all there


Mom said...

I wish I was there too, but you will be here soon!!!

Kathy said...

Oh . Waves and Santa. How wonderful

Heather said...

That sounds completely divine.........

the Lady said...

Lovely! Merry Christmas!

amandajean said...

sounds oh-so-fabulous!

Charnita said...

Beautiful collage and shots...