Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Best of Moms and the Worst of Moms

BEST: I've only knit two gifts this year. The first was the bookmark for my daughter's wonderful teacher and the second was a request I could not deny. It seems that if you are 3 and receive a pair of Incredible Hulk Hands as a prize for having the fortitude and prescience to potty train yourself, the next logical step would be to demand accessories. So, my loving boy asked for "Evil Hulk Socks" and has been wearing one to the point of felting it a bit as I finished the second. He loves them, I love them, we love each other, but do not be mislead; 3 year olds are cruel taskmasters. Every waking minute for the past few days has been filled with this conversation:
"Mama, finish me sock."
" I'm working on it honey."
"Mama, finish me sock. Now."
" I'm doing my best."
"Mama, finish me sock. Now. Pweese(insert tears and jutted lip here)."

Worst: My daughter writes in a journal each day at school. With each entry she draws a picture. On one she drew a strikingly accurate portrayal of me saying 'NO!!!!!!' to a drawing of herself dreaming of caroling. I have an absolute, deep, unrelenting hate for Christmas Caroling. I cannot explain it or deny it. My daughter apparently suffers a million deaths when I say no to the idea as evidenced by the six exclamation points in her picture. I was mildly bothered. Was my vitriolic response to caroling going to mess her up for life? Was I being a bad parent? But when I asked her about the picture she put the issue to rest.
" Can you tell me about this picture?"
" Yeah, I made it look like you were shouting and mean because every Christmas story has a grouchy person. Do you like the way I drew my hair? I'm the best draw-er."

So, I may be the Scroogey McScroogepants this year, but my son loves hand knit socks and my daughter already understands the import of character development and embellishment in constructing good story. My heart grew three sizes today. And I can hear Frances laughing from here.


Kathy said...

Oh, a well told tale this wintry day!

Sandra said...

I would give you at least four skeins of wollmeisse sock yarn to see that pic abby drew. six exclamation point you say!!

the Lady said...

That is all very very funny. Perhaps daddy could take them caroling?

amandajean said...

evil hulk socks...ah, such a typical boy's request. that's cute. and if it were me in the story, my daughter probably wouldn't have to exaggerate....unfortunately.

Mom said...

I know the pweeze gets me every time! This was a beautiful post. You are so talented!

kim said...

Aw, little Hulk socks. So cute! (I hate carols too...)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I am laughing indeed! And I'm quite impressed with your daughter's understanding of what a story needs--a hero, a dream, and a grouchy person who gets in the way.

Great socks, by the way!