Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blue Jay Socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Kettle Dyed 'jay'
Needles: US#1 DPN

I used to have a big orange cat. I was 5 and convinced him to leave the house he lived in to live with us by depositing copious amounts of cheese singles in a designated spot on the driveway. I still remember the exact place along a crack in the pavement. I also remember the blue jays that attacked him regularly. They would screech and swoop at his backside and ol' Tom would just keep walking with an air of indignation and a cotton ball sized brain full of righteous hate. Do you remember too, Mom? These socks are for you. May they bring you as much joy as I would see in Tom's yellow eyes when he would deposit a blue jay in a designated spot by the kitchen door.

I finished these at 9pm last night in a mad rush because today I am casting on for Socktoberfest socks. The first pair will be black will skulls on them. I love Halloween and if I did not admire Helena Bonham Carter so, I'd kick her to the curb and marry Tim Burton just to watch him doodle all day. Oh, October, you make a girl ghoulishly giddy.


Anonymous said...

Please note: Hubby looks nothing like Tim Burton.


amandajean said...

ok, at the risk of sounding like a broken record (btw, our kids won't get that phrase, will they?) I LOVE these socks. I'm sure that your mom will love them. and I love the backstory to them, too. how fun.

elizabeth said...

That is a great little story and I'm happy for you that your husband doesn't look like Tim Burton. Who I also love and admire, but happily from afar. :o)

the Lady said...

Oh, I heart Halloween and October so much. Happy Season to you!

Mom said...

Oh my, I just love my socks and can't wait to finger them in person and wear them on my tootsies! And, I loved the trip down memory lane with our precious Tom. He was really the best cat ever, and if memory serves, there was one blue jay in particular we named Cat Attack Jack. Poor Tom would just duck from the attack and then go about his business, but I know he was a happy cat indeed when he victoriously deposted that bird at the kitchen door. Thanks for the day brightener.