Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Sky Is Falling

Yesterday was my 7th wedding anniversary. My husband surprised me with this sock yarn. I am not sure what means more to me, the fact that he knew I would be beside myself with joy over the wool, or the fact that he actually went into a LYS by himself and picked it out. This feat of bravery speaks volumes to me about the wonderful man I married. Thank you honey, I love you. Perfect timing for Socktoberfest!

In other news, the markets were acting a little funny yesterday weren't they? I used to live in St. Louis and every morning the traffic reporters would warn of the back-ups in the Depressed section. This area happened to be near the downtown slums and for the longest time, I thought it was bold and unusual for the reporters to label the area Depressed as if it had been clinically evaluated, but I also found the unseemly truth in the moniker refreshing. Much later I mentioned this to my father in law who explained they call it the depressed section because of the topography, not the socioeconomic status. Oh.

I was wildly mistaken on that one, but can I blame myself or the fact our media has become the Chicken Little? I mean, I certainly feel like the news has become so sensationalized that if I were to be actively burning, and I read a headline stating, "Heather, A Woman on Fire", I would think, yeah right. So the markets plummet and according to the headlines and the pictures of the poor traders with their heads hung low this is Very Bad, but I keep waiting for the next headline to read, "Analysts Agree: Doom, Gloom Not So Bad Really."

I also read this real headline today on my homepage and found it incredibly funny: "Somali Pirates: We Are In It For The Money." Do we have to have this explained to us?


Sandra said...

Awww, happy anniversary!!!! :)

May I ask what sort of sock yarn that is?

And also wow, colored me impressed. I have a new found respect for your DH. He has some real street cred now. Word.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I was the same way when I got a case of sparkling water from mine for Valentines last year.
It's that they thought of something and went out of their way to get it in time. I love it.

amandajean said...

happy anniversary! and kudos to your husband. wow!

my husband and I were talking about all the market stuff last night and he read somewhere that the dollar actually rose in value yesterday, but you don't hear them shouting that from the rooftops. oh, I hate the media most days.

Christie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!

Pirates in it for the money? Here I thought there were in it for the freedom, the love of the sea and totally influenced by the Pirate of the Caribbean movies. Go figure.

Is it sensationalism or just stating the obvious?

the Lady said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hey, did you know you share the date with the Yarn Harlot?

That's really sweet about the yarn.

Mom said...

Oh wow, I am so impressed with my son-in-law! Sock yarn certainly ranks high on the sweet factor! I love you thoughts on the media. I think they all go to drama school instead of journalism classes.

Jennifer and Brandon said...

Happy, happy anniversary! Gregory is a very sweet guy and i think that is so cute that he did that!!! Way to go GD!!

Marmee said...

Sock yarn is one of the 7 most romantic things you could ever get on an anniversary!! LOL Happy, happy anniversary.

Your blog is always so refreshing and never disappoints. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

Tammy said...

You're so funny. Like driving, watching the news requires a certain sense of humor too I suppose.

I always forget how much I love plain handknit socks until I see them on somebody else's blogs. Very nice! And yes, please tell what kind of yarn is in that new skein!