Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me

Happy Birthday Jim Henson, wherever you are. I have knitting in the works, some socks and a wee woolen gift, but I couldn't pass up the chance to share the magic. I always need a tissue when I listen to this song. Especially when Kermie sings it.

I also want to send you to check out today's post titled: At Prada, Milano by The Sartorialist. His photography is always impressive, considering he is usually snapping people on busy urban streets, but this particular shot resonates with me. The interest is the limited values, in the hair, clothing, background, creating a color photo that seems black and white. The strong features of the man are highlighted by the softness of his posture and the offset lighting. The subject is clearly a man who wears his clothes, not the other way around. I find the whole impression feminine and masculine. Soft and strong. Grazioso e scomodo. Perfetto!


Jovina and Bill said...

Hey Heather! Thanks for the comment on Liam's nursery,,,,, Cant wait til he gets here to enjoy it!

knitknerd said...

Rainbow Connection always makes me weepy too - one of my favorite songs growing up.

Mom said...

WOW, does that take me back!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks for the link to the Sartorialist--I really like these pictures. The one you've linked to is marvelous I love the sweater he's wearing, I love the way the light works in the shot.

The other photographs are compelling, too. He has a great eye--or at least, he likes the same kind of look that I do! Wouldn't it be amazing to live somewhere where folks walked around looking like that all the time?