Monday, August 18, 2008

Stacked Eyelet Cowl

hello sunrise, pleased to meet you

Stacked Eyelet Cowl by Ami Madison
US # 4 circular needles
brown Silk Twist by Pigeonroof Studios courtesy of the Lady Knits

There is nothing more satisfying than a weekend project. Even when you realize half way through that you have been forgetting the second purl row after the eyelet row. Three cheers for continuing on an erroneous path that ends in a thing of beauty. The important life lesson of letting go of your pride to reap the rewards apparently applies to knitting as well. Huzzah.


Mom said...

You've had busy fingers both knitting and blogging. I haven't checked in on you since Thursday. I love the cowl, and won't it look mahvelous with your new purse and shoes!

Tammy said...

Very nice. Maybe I need to knit a cowl. It wouldn't certainly be more exciting than dishcloths. ;)

the Lady said...

That looks totally cool.

Christie said...

What great yarn! Looks cozy and nice!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love the cowl! In fact, I'm seeing it in my sister-in-law's future ... Off to buy some yarn!