Tuesday, July 29, 2008


These pants fit you perfectly a few short months ago.
I need these reminders of how you have grown.
I still think of you as the baby I held first that night
5 years ago, crying with you and the new moon.

You still cry and rage and rail.
You still need me so much it frustrates you.
You are so loving when soothed.
You are my lion and my lamb.

When you are quiet and still
I stare and think you are beautiful.
When you are dancing, pretending, and singing,
I stare and think I am blessed.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart


the Lady said...

tearing up now.

Jenny said...

Hi, Heather - I had to check out your blog since your profile picture cracked me up!

I've bookmarked you and will visit! This birthday post was very sweet. Reminds me of my two little ones...

Sandra said...

so very beautiful, heather. and the happiest of birthdays to miss a.

elizabeth said...

Ah, happy birthday little girl!

That reminds me - must have the boy try on his jeans this week! He's probably grown 6 inches over the summer.

Mom said...

Oh my sweet girl...you and Miss A. How I love you both!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

A beautiful poem--and 5 is such a beautiful age. They're more independent, yes, and gearing up to go off into the world (kindergarten), but they're still yours. Happy birthday, Miss A!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday little one.

amandajean said...

happy birthday to your girl. what a sweet post!