Friday, June 27, 2008


Listening to NPR while I beautified myself the other morning, I heard a voice; a familiar voice even though the speaker was a complete stranger. This voice stood out, apart from the other hushed and studious ones of the day's panel. Her words caused me to stop, put down the sundry brushes and powders, and listen. Really listen.

The woman speaking was Eudora Welty, late novelist, photographer, Southern woman, and master architect of exalting the mundane into magic. The excerpt was from one of her lectures, ending with the famous quote, " A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within." She speaks here of confluence, a coming together of things. To listen to the segment go here.
Mindful of confluence the past two days, I have seen in my small world, a much larger life, joined by friends whose ideas and generosity meet in me and flow onward towards the future. I look at my daughter, on the verge of being 5, trying to read, trying to reach out beyond her small world, and I imagine her one day, knitting, reading, baking, sharing,and savoring the confluence of inspiration from the creative women, familiar or not, who precede her, surround her, are her. My thanks to Quelle Erqsome for the delicious foccacia recipe and to The Lady for her gift of yarn, I am in your debt.


Mom said...

My little angel of 5 will be reading before we know it!!!

emmms said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad you made it -- I made some last night and it was a complete disaster! Note to self: timers are ALWAYS worth remembering. Burnt to a crisp!

Yours on the other hand looks awesome!

Kim said...

i am looking forward to listening to the link you posted!

the photo of your daughter is precious.

and yes, when my household says watch shall we watch tonite, i answer timidly "the x-files?" and they all roll their eyes.

i can hardly watch regular tv these days, the commercials are overkill, and now when the commercials come on the volume goes up and we have to put it on mute.

so i have resigned to watching mostly dvds. i am most happy watching years of xfiles!

thank you so much for the comment :) kim