Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When My Personalities Collide

Those who blog will understand my title. This past week I experienced what can only be described as a trifecta of lifestyles; a perfect storm of the various parts of me (blogger, friend, and everyday gal.)

First, I am an avid learner, a curious cat, NPR and PBS are my life blood. Secondly, I love written correspondence and send letters to a friend of mine who also shares my enthusiasm for knowledge. I can dash off an obscure thought knowing he will identify in some way. Thirdly, I blog and read blogs. Now, these separate parts of myself usually never meet. I mean, the thoughts and actions are all mine, but what I write in my letters, discuss in my everyday conversations, and read on my blogs are usually independent of each other. Until last week.

I had a niggling worm of an idea to visit Franklin, TN. I talked to my husband about taking a quick weekend trip to visit the battle site, Carnton Plantation, and the cemetery. I had read The Widow of the South last summer and loved it. A few days passed and in my stomach swirled the idea of Franklin. I couldn't shake it. I stayed up until 2 am on Monday morning writing a letter to my friend about my experiences over the past few days. This is how all of my letters to him are formed- they are visceral, gnawing me from the inside out until I write them down and mail them off. Is creativity like labor pains for anyone else?

I put the letter in the mail Monday morning and that evening I checked my blogs. Wooly Headed posted a photo of a cemetery and offered a prize of yarn for the first to identify the cemetery she had just visited. I knew immediately. I was the only one who guessed correctly and am the proud recipient of this glorious Lorna's Laces in blackberry. Apparently the universe is making sure I visit Franklin ( it knows I'll listen for yarn). I have no idea why and may not know for a lifetime, but the collision of these different parts of myself over one relatively unknown battle fought 144 years ago must mean something. When I told my husband about all of this later that day, he asked if I was there in a past life. Maybe. The idea is intriguing, to say the least.

If you would like to read the letter I sent my friend, go here. This is an approximation of the actual letter, since I am leaving out identifying names and didn't make a copy. This new blog is another product of gnawing creativity and I don't know that I will post to it much at all, but whenever I need to share my long thoughts, I'll add them there.

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elizabeth said...

I think you should follow that inner voice and go to Franklin! I mean, you've already got yarn as the teaser, may be greater treasures are to be found there! Or just a good time, which in itself is a great treasure.