Monday, May 19, 2008

West Coast Wool

Larkin sent me a sweet little hank of her own hand spun. My daughter took one look and declared the purple with sparkly bits to be hers. I am knitting her a "princess" headband. Thank you!
Another package full o' wool arrived from Knit Picks. The black, gray, and natural DK merino will be for my Warm Shawl from Knitting the Classics, the stripey sock yarn is Felici in Schooner which is much more yellow than the catalog picture suggests. Very pretty, but a bit misleading. The navy blue is Comfy in Planetarium for a sweater I have yet to decide on, and lastly, the yellow Comfy is for a baby gift. I ordered just one skein to check out the color. Wee people look good in yellow. I really want to knit a mini Stella. Wouldn't that be the cutest on a round baby noggin?


Mom said...

I can just see pretty Miss A in the purple headband! It will match the outfit I'm bringing her this weekend from Great Grandma Orr!

the Lady said...

I'm glad the yarn is going to be on the head of a happy little one!