Thursday, April 24, 2008

Test Knitting 1, 2, 3

Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap by Gro
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Merino Sock Yarn (natural)
Needles: US#1 and #2 DPN's

This little cap is very sweet. I cast on only 109 stitches at 7 st to the inch to achieve a newborn size. I think this is close. The cap is about 14.5 inches stretched. I only knit 5 rows of garter, then followed the pattern exactly. Very fast, very easy, very cute. Does not photograph well flat, so I used an inverted Mr. Potato Head to model the cap. For a real baby wearing one, check this out.
Magic Slippers by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer
Needles: US #2 DPN
Super fast ( the pair can be made in an evening) and really easy. Great use for sock yarn left overs.

The votes have been tallied and the three most popular knits for babies are cardigans, blankets, and hats in that order. Booties/socks and wash cloths came in last. There are so many cute cardigan patterns, I can hardly wait to find out genders of the soon to be's in my circle.

I knit this set up to test the sizing and cute factor. If I were to give these as a gift, I would add embellishments like knit flowers for a baby girl or sailboats for a boy. The cap pattern does call for ties at the neck, but I don't know how moms might feel about ties. I remember those first few months of the irrational fear that my babies would suffocate if I didn't check on them every 3 seconds. Anyway, I'll pack these away in case any of the babies brewing in my friends might need an extra set of woolly love when they arrive.


amandajean said...

what a cute set! I like your model. ;)

Mom said...

I absolutely love the cap and magic slippers! And, the Mr. Potato Head is way too cute!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my. Those are just wonderfully sweet. Thanks for the pattern links!

Anonymous said...

That is such an elegant little set!

the Lady said...

Very cute! That Knit Picks Bare looks really nice.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful set. I love the simple, but elegant cream color.

elizabeth said...

So sweet! Our guild is donating preemie caps and I need to knit a few, I think I'll use this pattern!

Sandra said...

your faceless potatohead model is kinda freaking me out.

but yes, very adorable set. especially love the slippers. i want a pair for myself.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty little set! I love natural whites on babies.
(Isn't knit picks bare merino sock yarn just great? so cheap and so nice to knit. The skeins are huge, too.)

Shawna said... sweet:o)

amanda said...

very cute! mr potato head is a great model.