Friday, April 18, 2008


Harmony is partially defined as a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity. That reads so nicely doesn't it? Nature has the whole harmony gig down. These tiny shells from a far away beach just happen to coordinate with pebbles from a nearby playground. Small treasures like these make me feel a little less overwhelmed since their very existence proves order, momentary and coincidental, but order nonetheless, in a life that at times seems to harbor no harmony at all. When all of the personal limits are reached and all that's left to do is shout and cry, take solace that even when we don't have a hope much less a plan, Nature does and is always willing to share.

The poll about baby knits has been eye opening. I am going to keep the poll up for another week since votes are still trickling in. As of 1:30 pm CST, the results are as follows:
Cardigans 37%
Blankets 27%
Hats 20%
Booties/Socks 15%
Wash Cloths 2%
If you haven't voted yet, go here and let your preference be known. Speaking of baby knits, check out The Lady Knits, Crummy Knitting , and Single White Knitter for some wee inspiration.


amandajean said...

i LOVE your photographs!

and interesting results on the poll so far.

Shawna said...

those are very pretty stones and weird that they are so similar in color.

the Lady said...

Nice photos.