Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Pi shawl sea creature

I've been thinking of my freedom. The larger political reference is something we take for granted and is an interesting topic, but I have been thinking about the smaller sphere, the intimate relationship I have with freedom.

I am not surprised the earliest known written word is a Sumerian cuneiform representing the word freedom. The concept sits snugly at the center of all philosophy. Every day I make a million tiny decisions, good and bad, that are all based on my personal freedom to do so. I can choose to not lose my temper, to roll with the punches, to lavish attention on someone, or even to walk away from it all. I know that I could never be happy if not given the space to freely be myself and I am grateful that I am loved by a few people for exactly who I am, even when that isn't easy. I just need to remember not to take that for granted.

closeup of increases

I've changed my mind about the woodland shawl. I started wondering if I would ever wear it. I really choose simple clothing over lacy, so I turned to the queen of simple knits, Elizabeth Zimmermann. She never steers you wrong. Her circular shawl, based on the mathematical equation Pi, is my April Project Spectrum knit.

view if you are Linda Evangelista in "Freedom" video

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Christie said...

Very, very pretty.