Friday, April 11, 2008

Camping with a Supermodel

The months of April and May are designated to greens, browns, and metallics for Project Spectrum 3. Luckily I was able to stock up on photos with all of the earthy colors in New Orleans. The city was lush and verdant due to the rain and humidity. The days would begin very cool and damp then turn hot and steamy when the sun came out. Not the easiest weather to dress for when you are walking everywhere, so I had to choose layers carefully. The resulting wardrobe uncertainty apparently was a nuisance to my husband who more than once declared the trip ,"like camping with a supermodel." I have no idea what he is talking about. Hand knits always save the day even in the tropics; note my Clementine Shawlette.

These are my side project since I am also working diligently on the Pi shawl. The yarn is Woodland Gnome dyed by Ashley of Enchanted Yarn and Fiber. I am going to love this pair to pieces, I can already tell.


amandajean said...

what a lovely photo of you, supermodel. ;)

umm... said...

That picture of you is so neat :)

I'm very excited to see the finished Pi Shawl. I bet it'll be lovely.

Jami said...

So glad y'all enjoyed New Orleans! I know it was nice to get away!!