Sunday, February 3, 2008


Project Spectrum 3 has begun, the inspiring element is fire. The corresponding colors are red, pink, and orange. My knitting project is the Puff Sleeve Feminine Cardigan from Fitted Knits. I am making this in Knit Picks merino style in 'hollyberry'. My camera and I had a heated debate over the exact shade of the yarn and although my polite, but color blind, camera insists on a pinkish tone, the yarn is truly a deep cranberry. That is, if a cranberry can be deep. They tend to float about in cliques don't they?

I will be gifting this sweater to myself for my birthday which is very soon. I will also keep an eye out for fire colors in my environment and share what I find with you. If this dark rainy weather doesn't lift soon you will be viewing the jar of pasta sauce in my fridge that I keep meaning to throw out.

I am having trouble sleeping. I blame it on the impending solar eclipse. I wish I were unphased by the moon's antics, but I fall helplessly under her spell. So, I am more sleep deprived than usual and slightly anxious. I suddenly remembered a handsome foreign man read my palm when I worked at a pharmacy 12 years ago. He said many accurate things, but the one I recall vividly now was, " Your life will begin after you turn 35." Next week, I will turn 35. I wish he had just told me when I was going to die. That would be much less worrisome. At least then I would know what to expect.


Christie said...

What a cool prediction!

Mo said...

I'm excited to hear what happens to you after you turn 35. If your life has not yet begun, has all of this so far been pointless? I'd have rather heard when I was going to die too! On another topic, that Hollyberry yarn is gorgeous!