Friday, February 29, 2008


photo by Judy Baxter (Old Shoe Woman on Flickr)

The Southern live oak is a common sight here in the south. The gnarled branches reach far from the tree, growing to the ground before turning back up to the sky. Here, live oaks are a symbol of strength. The tree grows in a twisting fashion, essentially knitting its fibers like a suspension bridge cable. The fibers are so strong these trees that live from 500 to 1500 years old can survive hurricanes, tornadoes, and even the occasional canon ball.

Christie* mentioned a friend in need of warm hats for her journey through chemotherapy. I immediately thought of the strength one would need and Odessa reminds me of the Southern live oak's twisting fibers. I hope this hat brings her strength, shelter, and comfort.

Pattern: Odessa by Grumperina

Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style, hollyberry: less than 1 skein

Needles: US size 6

Knit to pattern except I did not add beads since they might rub. Quick, easy , fun to knit.

*She is drying from a long bath and will be on the way to you next week.


Christie said...

You are so amazingly sweet. I will share the hat and your sentiment with her.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Sandra said...

i love southern live oak trees. i'm jealous that you got to grow up around them. they are truly gorgeous trees, and damn find climbing trees to boot.

that is a swell thing to have done. the hat is really cute. i'm sure christie and her friend will really appreciate it. :)

amandajean said...

I love the color, the pattern and the sentiment behind the hat. all beautiful!

Mom said...

I am SO amazingly proud to call you my daughter, my friend!