Friday, February 22, 2008


On Wednesday, my father drove here to watch the lunar eclipse. Clouds blew in at the same time and made themselves at home directly over my house. We took the kids out and blew at the clouds as hard and long as we could and wouldn't you know, it worked. The lung capacity of the average 2 and 4 year old is a mighty thing. The clouds would part for a moment, affording us a glimpse of the most beautiful clay moon. Dad said having to blow the clouds away every so often to catch a glimpse made the eclipse that much more exciting. I agree.

Rain came yesterday, soft and constant like an old friend's embrace, for an entire 24hours or more. I had a riotous cottage garden at my old house in soil like chocolate cake, but here my house sits on 1 inch of pitiful sod clinging to the back of a mountain. I garden birds instead. They never cease to amuse me and the fact they do not require weeding (a chore my Grandma likens to penance) is enough to satisfy my gardener's soul.

The house finches are cropping up in droves. This guy studied me intently. I'll add the eclipse and the male finches to my Project Spectrum reds and leave you to ponder the wisdom in this Chinese proverb:

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.


Christie said...

I love that proverb. I'm going to keep that in my brain [and heart] today.

Mom said...

Well, you do have A green tree in your mountain yard so therefore the birds will continue to come. Your words always give me pause for thought. I love you, Mom