Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'll tell you what is happening in this photo in a moment. First, I'd like to share one of my favorite ( if not completely true ) anecdotes. This link gives you the accurate, boring, story but I prefer my version.

During the space race of the 1960's, NASA realized they would need a pen whose ink could flow with out the aid of gravity. In typical American bureaucratic style, they spent years and millions to produce an anti gravity pen. The Russians, however, sent their cosmonauts into space with a pencil.

So, Comrades, while most of you simply knit a test gauge swatch that measures a neat 4 by 4 inches, I spend weeks producing the world's largest swatch: my Cozy V- Neck sweater. Please refer to the photo again. See the sweater finished save an arm and a collar band? I did finish the arm which has since morphed into the neck of 28thirty. I am hoping this one will stick.


Carmen said...

Too funny! I usually do something like that while sewing clothes - don't measure because surely I know what size I am. Always ends up in a flurry of seam ripping and gnashing of teeth.

Mo said...

That NASA story is so funny! The sweater is beautiful, you are so talented.

Ashley said...

Your sweater is so beautiful! Coming along nicely! By the way, I am going to be selling my yarns, still not sure how I will be doing it yet. If you ever see anything you are interested in though, let me know and I will let you know how much it is. :) You get first dibs!

Ashley said...

I have the happy honor to inform you that you have officially made my day! I hereby bequeath to you and your blog the "You Make My Day" Award! (I know that you have already gotten this award, Heather, but I couldn't help myself!)
Come by and check it out!
I have enjoyed your blog, keep it up! :)