Friday, January 11, 2008


Look what I won from the Lady Knits ! She made the beautiful stitch markers which she sells here. The small skeins are fingering weight super wash merino from Pigeonroof Studios. I am already thinking up tiny socks and mittens.

I will leave you with a few links for the weekend. Hubby had a tooth removed and I need to get back to my patient. He is doing well, just a tiny bit less wise.

Project Spectrum Three is about to begin! This is a fantastic source of inspiration for all you crafty types. Not just for knitters, this themed craft-a-long is for everyone who sews, quilts, knits, spins, crochets, scrapbooks, paints, etc.

Berroco Fashion Yarns has released their Spring / Summer '08 booklets. I am in love with the Norah Gaughan vol.2 patterns, especially Ellis.

What's the recipe for you personality ? I want to keep up this air of mystery and intrigue I'm affecting so no peeks at my very accurate results. Yet.

Happy Weekend!


Ashley said...

The yarn and stitch markers are beautiful! I am so jealous! I took the recipe for your personality quiz and apparently I am:
3 parts Poise
2 parts Flair
1 part Savvy
Splash of Fun
LOL, thanks for passing this along! :)

Mo said...

I love the coloring of the beads on the stitch markers. The yarn looks great too! Congrats on winning :)