Monday, January 28, 2008

Bay Socks

Bay Socks

Pattern: my own basic sock recipe

Yarn: Tess sock yarn, superwash merino

Needles: US #1

I like the way these pool in a tidal swirl. Pretty and sturdy yarn. Should keep cold toes very warm. These haven't been blocked yet, so ignore the lumpyness.

In keeping with my previous post's theme of creepy blue science fiction, I offer my children doing their best Han Solo frozen in carbonite impersonation. We love the Science Center!


the Lady said...

Those pin things are so fun. Nice sock!

Mom said...

Aren't my grand children just the cutest things??? The sock finished beautifully. What a tranquil color.

Mo said...

The socks are gorgeous! The giant pin thing is cool...I've never seen one that big.