Thursday, January 3, 2008


A few months back, I posted about my lack of gadgetry, namely a swift and winder combo. I have happily wound hanks by hand in the dark of night while all distractions and sticky fingers were tucked in bed. Apparently my few sentences set into motion a behind the scenes rally and the forces that be aligned to (forcibly) let Santa know to leave me this:

I was giddy. I surprised myself with the sudden thrall I felt while caressing the smooth wood of the handcrafted swift. My daughter joined in and declared the first hank of yarn being spun into a cake ,"the most exciting thing all day!" Note to self: get out more.
My frustrated grumblings like "son of a monkey trainer!" were soon replaced with laughter and joy when the carved wooden screw decided to finally turn in the threads (soap helps).
I guess industrialization isn't so bad after all. When the cake of Tess sock yarn was complete, Miss A wanted to spin another. I told her this was the only hank I needed to wind. She told me to go buy more. Yes, indeed.

Thanks to all the elves out there who ensured this gift would arrive in my hands. I love it. Too bad I have to drive an old beat up car to the yarn shop... might as well try right?


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather-Santa gave you a very nice present-and it seems as though your daughter loves the spinning. We say,"Dad Blame It" when we get frustrated now-we got it from"Love Comes Softly". Blesssings,Rose

the Lady said...

lol. Enjoy your new toys.

amanda said...

What a great present!