Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trial and Error

For the past few days I have had a sewing project brewing in the back of my mind. Right there, behind doctor's visits, an unexplained black eye on Little Man, and loads of laundry, a quick sock project bag was being born in my imagination. So when LM decided to play blocks and trains all by himself, I seized the opportunity to blow several months of dust from my sewing machine.

This is the final product. Very easy to put together, but too small and the handles aren't centered. I am not discouraged. I always need a test dummy since I hate to sew directly from a pattern. Ok, truthfully, I hate to spend money on sewing patterns, so I make them up as I go. The next one of these will have a few modifications.

First the size. My sock projects fit in here fine, but I am currently knitting from a skein rather than a cake. I fear a cake wouldn't fit. I would like to fold the top over like a lunch bag. The sides are pressed in like a paper bag already. The handle would go on top of the flap rather than in the back.

My favorite part: pear recycled from the wool skirt that never really fit but I was wearing when Hubby proposed to me.

Also on my mind:

Check out the Lady Knits blog, she is destashing some nice items.

The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton is available now on LibriVox. Elizabeth Klett reads this one and so far my Christmas wish is that she records a hundred more audio books for me (us) to enjoy!


Sandra said...

you totally have a crush on elizabeth*. i'm telling DH!

i'm a sucker for applique. cuuuuute.

*with good reason, of course. she's kinda godly with the sewing of her own winter jackets and whatnot.

Michelle O. said...

I think the bag is cute. I like the contrasting colors between the fabric color & the pear (which is adorable!)

I gave in and made an Advent's on my blog at