Friday, December 7, 2007

Girl Crush

Sandra of I May Be Knitting A Ranch House commented about my crush on Elizabeth Klett of A Mingled Yarn. This is no laughing matter. I really do have a huge girl crush on her knitting, sewing, and audio book recording. She is one of those rare individuals that seems to have an effortless Midas touch. She made her own winter coat. How could I not be smitten?

This got me thinking about my crushes. Since George Clooney is kind of thin and tired looking these days and my love for Paul Newman's broody character in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is as contextual as my love for Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, my recent crushes have been on crafty artists and their wares. So without further ado, I present my crushes for December 2007:

1. Anything created by Emily Martin of inside a black apple. This is a print called Sylvie, for sale with many more amazing prints in her Etsy shop. Ms. Martin is in Athens, Georgia and I may have to go visit my cousins there so I can stalk her. Just kidding. Kind of. Her art calls my name. Some of my favorites include Sylvie, The Little Knitter, Lucy on a Windy Day, and Lunar Valentine. Go support her today.

2. Next up is this little knit hat by Franklin Habit. So cute it hurts. He got this right- sweet without being sickeningly so. Mr. Habit has promised to offer the pattern soon, so be on the look out.

3. My big crush on ergonomic design is no secret. I drink mostly coffee and tea so my Hubby, being so dear, bought me this mug from Miam Miam. I love this like no other material thing. Every sip from this mug is a gift. Check out the other fab designs. The company has a great philosophy and attention to the need for beauty in the everyday.

4. Lastly is my decade long crush on this woman. Isn't Nigella beautiful? I was addicted to her TV program back when I had cable and free time. Her recipes are delicious. I believe a biscuit and a hug from her could cure anything that ails you.

What do you have a crush on?


Michelle O. said...

I have three:

Ree from ( Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. She has 4 kids, lives on a ranch, and still manages to not only blog every day (even weekends) but to take the most beautiful pictures ever. She also has a cooking blog at ( The Pioneer Woman Cooks! She makes tasty recipes and uses step by step photos that make them all but impossible to screw up. I can personally recommend her lasagna...Jim dreams about it!

Also, Laurie from ( Crazy Aunt Purl. I've been reading her blog since the beginning, when she was lost and sad from her divorce and consuming huge amount of wine & cheetos. She also knits gorgeous things...and she wrote a book.

Last but not least, my favorite mug in the universe. My birth mom bought it for me at a fair. It's a color change one that responds to heat. At first it looks like it is covered in black blobs, but when you put hot liquid in it, the black disappears to reveal brightly colored butterflies.

Anonymous said...

I totally have a crush on Eunny and Lolly (doesn't everyone already have their blogs bookmarked?!). They live just outside of DC, and they're both superpowers of knitting in my mind, and they hang out together! I'm jealous because I used to live in Annapolis, and sometimes think, "If only I still lived there, maybe I could accidentally run into them at a LYS and be friends!" I'm so pathetic. :)

Sandra said...

girl crushes include (but are not limited to):

parker posey

knitting school dropout's melissa

spidercamp's jessica (

flintknit's pam

Elizabeth said...

I am so flattered that you have a girl crush on me! :)

I have to echo Sandra's crush on Pam from Flintknits - how cool is she?

My other big crush has long been on David Bowie, in his most androgynous Ziggy Stardust/Man Who Fell to Earth phase.

Although, I also think I might have a crush on graphic novelist Alison Bechdel - I just read her book Fun Home and love, love, loved it.