Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Did I miss it??

Apparently I missed the news. Seems the hordes of holiday shoppers all converging en masse at the local big box jarred the earth ever so slightly, causing our world to tilt even more on its axis. Scientists concur the Earth is now rotating at 24.073 degrees rather than the normal 23 degrees. The immediate effects of this orbital shift have been evidenced in small town Alabama where winter and spring decided to take a vacation and summer volunteered to come back for awhile. The lasting effects of this shift are unknown but can cause motherly crankiness since she has to dig in storage for little t shirts while getting a mean case of frizzy hair. Winter, please come back. I need you.

Little Man climbed to the top of the McD's outdoor playground and decided he was stuck. I sent up 4 children to get him down but he insisted I was his only means to safety. I squeezed my way to the top. We touched ground to the sound of applause from seven kids and a half dozen construction workers. Thank you, thank you very much.


Michelle O. said...

Olive has made me rescue her from the top too, and it is not a fun journey at all. At least you got applause :)

Sorry to hear about the heat wave & frizzy hair. That's so weird that it got hot again.

Jennifer and Brandon said...

Mom to the rescue! brandon and I laughed and laughed. Little man looks so stressed out....where's dad when you need him???

Jami said...

So funny! You should write for money in all your spare time. You have some of that, right?? ; ) But seriously, very entertaining!!

elizabeth said...

I've been wondering where winter went, thanks for clarifying! Seriously, we have such a small window in which to wear our handknits and to think that it's TOO WARM IN DECEMBER to wear wool is heartbreaking.