Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I have fallen prey to a crafty sickness. The virus had remained dormant and nearly forgotten until I saw this, this , and this. Go ahead, look but come right back or the bug will get you too! Oh how could I not want to make the perfect Advent calendar that would, in all of it's handmade goodness, impart a magical cheer and mirth upon my family that would withstand even the most concentrated holiday crankiness?

I took heavy inspiration from Megan's joke calendar. Armed with craft paper, scissors, and yarn, I set out to make the aforementioned calendar of wonder and awe.

About three minutes into the cutting, writing jokes on each ornament, and tying knots, reality set in. The kids fell apart over who could hold the scissors, why I wouldn't share the jokes all at once, and well, everything. I finished the project about seven hours later. We laughed at the jokes as we hung them all at once on the tree rather than one a day like I had planned. Planning. Fatal mistake in Mom terms. Should only plan ahead snacks and diapers, not traditions.

I was a bit bummed until I read this post by Left -Handed Housewife. I laughed out loud over the first sentence, then cried a little through the rest, and ended up smiling and contented that I am not alone in this madness, and I will do this to myself all over again next year. Thanks for the perspective Frances.

This makes it all worth it:


Megan Young said...

Thanks for the link. When I need to craft something quickly like the calendar, I hide in my room and tell my children it's a top secret project and they can only interupt me if somebody's bleeding!

I like how you went with the moment, and adapted the plan to the kids. It not only makes your idea original, it also makes you a pretty great Mum.

amandajean said...

I loved your link to the Left-Handed Housewife's blog. I can so relate to both your and her posts. I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels this way sometimes!!! :)

Michelle O. said...

I know it's the 4th, and a wee bit late, but I am totally being bitten by the Advent Calendar bug! Thank you for all the great links :)

Carmen said...

Most of my craft projects with the kiddos turn out this way. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a control freak around paint of any kind, glue, glitter, and sharp objects in little hands. I've almost given up, yet I keep buying those craft with kids books. Seems I always think the next time simply can't be as bad as the last one was!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hi, Heather--I'm glad you liked the Advent post. It was very theraputic to write, and the burning of the wreath was much funnier in retrospective. Reading about your craft project and the help you got from your children made me laugh. You're so right--it's fatal mistake to make plans!