Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Do you tilt towards windmills like Don Quixote? I do. Just had a wonderful date with my Little Man in the backyard. We live in a blustery valley and the wind was really whipping around the yard, sneaking up and racing off with my sun warmed cheeks. I could probably power my entire home with a little windmill placed just so to the right of the patio. I would even put a gnome there to keep watch for tilt prone interlopers. Somehow I don't think my Orwellian neighborhood association would go for it.

I am chugging along on the Big Secret Gifts (production knitting as Ashley so aptly puts it) and am going to start a simple sweater for Miss A. The pattern is a much loved one from Knitting Pure and Simple that can be found here. The yarn is Vanna's Choice in olive. I always knit the kiddos sweaters in acrylic so I am not hand washing daily. One of these days I will try out some merino super wash. Anyone tried this yet? I usually add cables to liven the miles of stockinette up.

Energy has been on my mind. I keep thinking about the projects I want to start...throw quilt, fingerless mitts, hats, and scarves...and then I remember my creative thinking far exceeds my energy output. I will get to these ideas eventually, but for today, I will share some other people's creative energy with you.

Check out:

Elliphantom Knits amazing (free) Herringbone Mitten pattern. Great gift idea.

House on Hill Road's cheerful mitts. I want to print a copy of her photo and hang it on my wall.

Ysolda's newest pattern for sale, Elijah the knit elephant. I want to cry he is so cute.

ducks under a truck


tonni said...

My very first sweater was this pattern. I thought it would be much easier to knit a child size first. It is a very easy pattern. I have to say, it turned out pretty good, although the tension was a little different on each sleeve. I still have the sweater folded up in one of the yarn drawers :)

the Lady said...

i love that elephant too!

Marmee said...

Production knitting....and more so, the closer Christmas I love your duck picture, we had muscovies...(msp?) about 7 years ago.
What is it about November that brings thoughts of empty Christmas present boxes?...grin