Friday, November 9, 2007


ever growing Inuksuk

I am pleased to hear I have gained a few readers as enchanted with literature as I am. My daily activities don't afford me any time to sit quietly long enough to read so I do more listening to books lately. I can be found curled up in a cozy chair, with iPod and knitting at hand, working late into the night.

I am drawn these days to classic novels, mostly written by women about women. I think in my solo days I would lose myself in a book. Now I actually find myself reflected in the heroines and their differing small lives. I appreciate the fact the authoresses wrote about the worlds from which they came, skillfully rendering an archive of the physical environs as well as the vernacular and subtle whims of those populating these places in time. I recently commented to my mother that I love to revisit a novel every few years. The impressions Austen's Pride and Prejudice left on my 15, 25, and now almost 35 year old self are so different I think one becomes sage not from counting the passing of years, but accepting we are constantly changing as much as we think we are staying the same.

Before I forget, congratulations to Harper Lee, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her Pulitzer Prize winning book, To Kill a Mockingbird. Ms. Lee encapsulated a point in American history as seen through the eyes of an innocent child, exploding a tradition of human ignorance. Very powerful and a definite must read.

Feel free to offer reading suggestions... I am always searching for new material.

The cabled raglan is knitting up nicely. These little sweaters don't take long and are fun to modify. I chose an 8/10 cable for the front of Miss A's. Basically, the cable is worked over 8 stitches (with two purl stitches on either side) and cabled every 10 rows. She likes it so mama is happy.

Happy Weekend!


amanda said...

That raglan is going to be adorable on her!

Thanks for the link to Elijah in the previous post - he is totally adorable.

Marmee said...

That sweater is almost as adorable as her smile!! It is going to be darling, I just know it!
I am looking forward to using Librivox in the next few weeks, when I am going to be up in the wee hours!!
Knit on, through all crisis!

the Lady said...

It's not exactly classic lit, but have you checked out Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series?

Ashley said...

Your raglan is wonderful! And you know how I am enjoying knitting things "backwards", I need to try that! One of my favorite books is called Elementary, My Dear by Autumn Sabol. It's about a modern day college girl who goes back in time and meets Sherlock Holmes toward the beginning of his career. It's great!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

just wanted to say that it's nice to see the inuksuk growing. You've made some very nice additions to it!

The raglan is fabulous. Just when I start feeling uninspired about knitting (and the fact that I've got knitter's shoulder right now doesn't help), I see something like that raglan sweater and I want to persevere ...