Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Calling

The new American Gothic

The kids had a fun filled day with a school party, mom's group party ( thanks, Kathy!), and trick or treating. They both fell asleep with candy and glow sticks in hand. I have always loved Halloween, but when did it become an all month long event? I was a little over it by the time the actual day arrived.

Not to freak you out, but November just invited himself over for the next month or so. Has this year flown by for you too?

I finished the Cape Cod socks and will post a picture soon. I am patiently awaiting my yarn order so I can dive into gift knitting mode. I did cast on for the Cozy V neck sweater from Fitted Knits, but am unsure about my yarn choice. I'll let you see pics if I decide to keep the project going.

Finished listening to Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. I highly recommend this book either in print or recording. Braddon's attention to detail was spot on without being overkill and the twists caught me by surprise once or twice.

I really appreciate a novel that solicits an audible reaction from me. That isn't easy to do and I find most (popular) books I have read are so flat I feel I haven't gained anything from reading them. These novels are the cheetos of the literary world. I think I am enjoying them but feel empty and a bit stupid after consuming them.

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Marmee said...

Yes, November, hmmmm, panic is beginning to set in over here!!!
How did it sneak up on me again??? It comes at the same time every year, duh!
Darling babes!!