Sunday, November 4, 2007


We took a drive this weekend because I wanted a picture of the valley I live in from the top of the mountain. Unfortunately people seem to own this view and you can only see it while driving by at 40 mph. I did snap a pic of the view down the other side of the bluff. The creek generously affords me a more intimate view and the kids love to linger there as much as I do.

I listened to a segment on Studio 360 this morning about the novelist Yann Martel's ( Life of Pi )vow to send a novel and letter to Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, every 2 weeks through the duration of his Ministry. Martel's reasons for this, as well as the list of books and correspondence, can be found here.

I am enjoying Martel's selections, however I am most pleasurably taken by his letters. They are so unique, interesting, and poetic, I am envious of the Prime Minister. Most of you know how fond I am of written correspondence. A truly great letter will enthrall the reader yet leave them wanting a little more. A sense of mystery in the guise of wit and shared experiences is essential in letters. I think I have a little crush on Yann Martel now.

Speaking of mystery, this weekend marks the 7th anniversary of Hubby proposing to me. I am still clueless as to why he asked, but he did, and I thank him for that. Love you sweetie.

Another important anniversary passed on Saturday. Happy Wedding Anniversary, Sean and Susan. I know an ocean separates us, but I keep you both in my pocket and think of you often. Sean has the distinction of being the one person with whom I feel the highest compulsion to make laugh. If I succeed and am rewarded with his nodding chuckle, I feel like I have accomplished conversational greatness. He has also come dangerously close to figuring me out so I have to keep a step ahead of him at all times.

And just to drive Hubby nuts... my feet. Finished Cape Cod socks. Chowda, anyone?


Mom said...

What a lovely post, and your pictures are beautiful. The pic of the lake is especially serene.
Love, Mom
PS: I like looking at your feet!

Marmee said...

Your mother and I would definitely get along, I like your feet too!!
Congratulations on your anniversaries, all of them! Keep up the pace at which you enjoy life darling, it makes you, you!!!

amandajean said...

love your socks! how many pair have you knit now?

Heather said...

Thanks ladies! To answer amandajean, I knit 26 pair last year and 11 so far this year. About 50/50 for gifts and for me.
Socks are my favorite knitting because they fit when I'm done and they are portable.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks for the links to Martel/Harper correspondence. The letters are marvelous, and I love the books he's picked to send to the prime minister.

I love written correspondence, too. Before e-mail, I corresponded with all sorts of people. I'm sad that those days are gone.

Happy engagement anniversary!


Ashley said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I loved your socks, I wish I could be production knitting right now! Still in my wrist brace, but knitting with it on, lol...just slowly! Love to read your posts!