Tuesday, October 2, 2007

There's no gift like the present*

Whew. That was a crazy weekend. Little Man had a great party. He was beyond excited the whole day. Thanks to everyone who made his second birthday so memorable.

We took the kids to the farm on Sunday. I can honestly say it was one of the best family outings we have ever had. The kids really had fun jumping through the trailer of cotton and petting the animals. Papa and I had a great time picking 3 big pumpkins off the vines.

LM wasn't the only one receiving gifts... look at the awesome vintage knitting mags my Father in law brought from his Mom's cedar chest! I love the styling and patterns. I need to do a post devoted just to these.
The post man delivered the stitch markers I ordered from Sandra's Etsy shop pookeh. I love them! The beads are so pretty and she added a couple fortune cookie markers as a bonus for being one of the first buyers. Thank You Sandra!

My Juliet is done but awaiting buttons and blocking. The fabric is going to be a throw quilt for my bedroom. I have a huge crush on the Joel Dewberry sparrows fabric. I just want to whisper sweet nothings to it . After seeing so many amazing projects made from this fabric I broke down and bought some from Reprodepot. I could no longer abide my favorite fabric being used by people who are not me. Speaking of envy...

I am on Ravelry now! I have only put up a few projects and lost at least 3 hours of sleep snooping around the site, but I will find (make) time to fill up my queue and such. Look for me under "pneuma" and say hi. I am one of 16,000 knit bloggers on the site with another 17,000 still in the waiting room. Can you believe there are that many knitters all accessible from one website? Wow. I belong to several groups on Ravelry including: Wool Magnolias (Southern knitters), Heathers ( yes, Heathers' who knit), and Sock Knitters Anonymous. Hee Hee I am in seventh Heaven.

*my nod to Dave from Chub Creek

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